Overuse Injury

I’ve been under much strain! My jerk of a boss&#8212er…Miles&#8212shackled me to Photoshop and forcefully commanded, “CREATE!”

Thus, I have been abusing my tendonitisy wrists and hypersensitive eyes so that I don’t lose my job and find myself out on the streets wearing a sign that says, “Will design graphics for food”

I have not been left unscathed through my ordeal, but have a jammed index finger as a keepsake. It really hurts. Really. See image below.


Right Brain…Left Brain…

I’ve been reading up on left-brain/right-brain studies tonight. (Lord only knows WHY!) I found this little experiment where you take a head-on shot of your face, then mirror the left side and the right side…leaving you with 3 pictures (the original and then the two mirrored images). The left side of the face supposedly expresses the right side of your brain, and the right side of your face expresses the left side of your brain. Still with me? Well, there’s a theory floating around stating that you can see whether you’re more right-brained, more left-brained, or if you draw evenly from both sides&#8212all by comparing the mirrored images to the original picture.

There was a brain surgery patient who, after having had the link between the two sides of the brain (corpus collosum) severed, made for interesting observation. The doctors would cover up one eye&#8212say the left&#8212and hold up an object. Using only their right eye, the patient could identify the name of the object, but not the functionality. Conversely, when the situation was reversed, the patient could tell the doctor what the object in question was used for, but failed to supply a name. SO *yawn* The two sides of the brain were acting independently from one another, with no communicating link.

Please feel free to nap at any time.

I’ve always wondered if I favored the right or the left side of my brain…I have the artistic expression of the right without the disorganization…and the meticulousness of the left but without the rigidity. I played with a picture of myself, and found my face to be very asymmetrical indeed! It was good for a few laughs until I played with a picture of Miles…his face is nearly perfectly symmetrical! That rascal! *fuming*

Brainy Business

In the above images, the far left picture is a mirror of the left side of the face, illustrating the right side of the brain. The center is the original picture (i.e. what we actually look like&#8212i.e., if you plan on emailing us to joke around about the funny looking pictures, neglect to comment on that center one.) The far right picture is a mirror of the right side of the face, illustrating the left side of the brain.

So, Miles employs both sides of his brain somewhat evenly [as per this study]…and I am more of a lefty than a righty. Me thinks Miles has been unenthused with this study, despite his elaborate expressions of devoted interest all evening&#8212he demanded forthwith that I share my night’s research with you: misery loves company.