Well, it’s official…

I still hate Econ. I hated both Micro- and Macroeconomics when I took them in the past, and nothing has changed in the last six years. Curses to those credits for not transferring! I am just starting the third week in this accelerated course, and already I am coaching myself toward the June 22nd finish date. Fortunately, I have class in a subject that I enjoy as well (marketing), but even that made me a little bugeyed last night as I had to teach myself my marketing professor’s personal version of APA format before submitting a paper.

This economics professor is a real hard aaa—erm…she’s tough. I cannot figure out how to impress her pants off. I started the session thinking I may just enjoy Economics more than Marketing because my Marketing professor began her reign telling us to forget everything we know about APA format and learn her way (going onto post no less than 10 documents to study). But I’ve figured out how to impress her pants off. We’re all good. Econ still sucks.

Maybe it’s just exhaustion. Maybe it’s being stuck with my nose in the books while the weather warms. Maybe it’s like I think and economics really is the devil. In any even, June 22nd can’t come soon enough. (Just in time to start the next block of classes June 23rd.) This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever decided to do.