Nickism No. 2

The things that come out of Nick’s mouth…you can’t just make this stuff up.

We were in the car after an evening shopping excursion. We were both silent and listening to the quiet radio. Nick broke the silence, feeling the pull to confess his dilemma.

“There has been a fly stuck in my car.”

I arched an eyebrow, not even turning to look at him as he spoke.

“Yeah. And I would shoo it outside, but it’d probably just DIE. I don’t want that on me. I don’t want to be a fly-killer.”

He quieted. We let the radio fill the silence once more. I was forced to consider the plight of the poor fly for the rest of the drive.

Nickism No. 1

The things that come out of Nick’s mouth…you can’t just make this stuff up.

I have two desks at work: one at the local regional building, and one at the company headquarters. I’ve been locked out of one of my desks in the past because I did not have my full set of keys with me. In a moment of delayed enlightenment, I decided to place all my work keys on a ring and attach the ring to my security badge that I wear on my hip. That way, my desk and docking station are accessible to me at all times, no matter the building. GENIUS. When I am not at work, I leave my badge clipped to my purse.

We were walking through a parking garage on Saturday when the clip of the badge broke. At the rolling “ching” of keys against concrete, I stopped and walked back to see what I dropped. Nick looked over my shoulder when I bent to retrieve my badge. He seemed startled to see that my badge had fallen and exclaimed, “Oh!”

I raised my eyebrow and stared back at him curiously as I placed the badge safely in my purse.

(N) I thought it was a spoon. I thought you stepped on a spoon.

(L) …in a parking garage? Really?

(N) [laughing:] I heard you step on a spoon!