You were exquisite.

Would I have understood your splendor before?

You were so young when I left the hospital last, so young and eager to blaze new trails. We closed raw chapters together this year going through rest of Mom’s things…going through the rest of mine. I said goodbye to a beloved pet and adopted another. I discovered a loving protectiveness for my father and a sweet gentleness in his weathered hands. My love for Nick grew as I freed my heart from the bonds of grudgery and found the courage to ask for help.

As I approach the second anniversary of Mom’s death, I feel the sadness settling in. It will always be this way; I am not vacant. This year, the sadness does not suffocate.

Thank you, 2007, for kindness, love, ambition, and strength. You have healed me, and I can once again dream.

Sleep well.

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