Happy Holidays!

We sent this picture with our Christmas cards. It seemed to be well received. I stopped by the grocery store yesterday to pick up more Fancy Feast for the fluffy one, and I did something I swore I’d never do—but this is me imbibed with the Christmas spirit and antidepressants! I bought several “feasts” for her that at one time seemed a bit extravagant, but I think that she should be able to eat white meat chicken and whipped egg soufflé with garden greens on Christmas, dang it!

It has been such a wonderful season for me. Yesterday, I was baking cookies for Dad with the amber glow of white Christmas lights and flickering candles while listening to Josh Groban singing “O Holy Night”. It all just felt so right. I stopped by my aunts’ yesterday while I was in the area and they gave me my present early (just in case the forecasted snow storm wreaks havoc on tomorrow’s brunch date). They gave me the LOVELIEST piece of bakeware—ohmigosh I am so in love with it! It has the prettiest, most delicate floral-filigreed pattern with a rattan holder—it is like they saw the picture of what I wanted in my mind and found it!

Sophie ate the wrapping on her present this morning so we gave it to her early. She’s been mostly good, though we’ve noticed that the tree now looks slightly slanted in its base. This can be mostly attributed to a good daily climbing from the feline that seems to be getting bigger and stronger every single day. So, the run-down: Christmas with Mom’s family was last Sunday, Christmas with Mom’s sisters is tomorrow at brunch if the weather holds out, Christmas with Dad’s family is Monday for lunch, Christmas with Nick’s family is Monday for dinner, and Christmas with Dad is Tuesday for lunch. When we went through the list of invites (of my family gatherings versus his), Nick exclaimed, “I’m getting screwed!”

Yes, well, that’s the way that it is.

You all have a very Merry Christmas!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!”

  1. We have Sophie’s picture on our refridgerator. Olivia DEMANDED the “pretty kitty” go on the fridge. PS might enjoy knowing her picture is hanging on a fridge in far-away Fort Hood. Olivia and Hope *really* want to play with Sophie. When I asked Olivia why she replied with “because her is so nice and fuzzzzzzy.”

  2. Sometimes we are truly kindred- I baked cookies for my father, too. One of the only times Duane has ever expressed jealousy with me was upon learning that one year for my dads birthday, I made him peanut butter cookies. Duane said “You’ve never made me peanut butter cookies!” with a sad sigh. Hee. I just love baking for my father, and knowing I will always be his little girl.

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