On Bringing Couples Closer

So, we’re on the couch, toggling between Monday Night Football and Dr. 90210&#8212the latter to which I am hopelessly addicted. Any makeover shows hook me, be it the the new lime green toilet they installed on HGTV or that lady’s new set of…well, anyway…

So tonight’s episode featured a couple, each having a cosmetic procedure done. A genital cosmetic procedure. Not like they can show anything anyway, and not like you’d want to watch, but I swear my face was good and squished in empathetic discomfort as I clamped my legs together as though my inner knees held earth magnets. The woman of the duo said in interview, “I really think that us having these procedures together will bring us closer together.”

Nick snorted from behind me on the couch where I lie sprawled on my back. “Try having your mother die!”



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1 thought on “On Bringing Couples Closer”

  1. What a guy…*smiles*…and I watched the show too…addicted??? Me too. But, I am pretty sure that I’d never show my uh, well, you know…I’d never show it on tv.

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