It was the evening of February the 14th, and we were returning home after a dinner on the water with a coffeehouse chaser. Nick asked inquisitively, “Do you have a movie we could watch?” I had to stifle the short burst of laughter, which might go by the name of “snort” in some circles. This was an absurd question:

  1. I have a decently-sized collection of DVDs, to which Nicholas has borne witness.
  2. There’s no way our pathetic selves would remain wakeful through two hours of movie by the time we settled down before the television.
  3. Chances were good that a game of college basketball was being played somewhere, and somebody had the notion to televise it.

Right on all counts, I fell asleep to referee whistles and shoes squeaking in their friction…only to wake a short time later to a low snore. With utmost satisfaction, I thought to myself, “Yeah, so subconsciously, he finds sports just as interesting as I do…less, perhaps.”

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3 thoughts on “Absurdity”

  1. First of all I want to thank ALL of you that wrote such kind comments about my introduction to LauraLore on Valentine’s Day. Yes, I do read it (usually several times a day), but I was just waiting for the right time to make my first comment. Thank you LAURA, this (the introduction) was a very touching start to a very special day.

    Second, I just want it to be known that YOU where asleep first!


  2. Sunday, at the Field Museum, we walked through a display of Chinese dinosaur remains, the little packets of soy sauce having not survived. Imagine my delight, or look at it for yourself if you click the above picture, when I stumbled upon Laurasia on

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