Laura vs. The Storm

Oh what a day! I finally decided to bite the bullet and take a walk, braving the ominous looking clouds. I walked about two and a half miles before I realized that the sky ahead of me was dreary and gray while the sky behind me was sunny and blue. Thinking I’d outsmart the weather, I cleverly turned around and headed for home…the rain, of course, caught up with me 🙂 It must be in better shape than I am…maybe it trains in the off-season?

The episode wasn’t all bad though!—I got home just before Miles did…and was promptly and emphatically assured that he would have made a rescue attempt had he deduced that I was walking in the rain!&#8212My brave knight in shining….khakis!&#8212charging through great peril on his valiant….Nissan Altima!

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