People and Plans

I went for a nice, long walk in the early afternoon. There is an elderly gentleman who rides a bicycle around the path and I’ve seen him out riding several times. He never fails to make a comment to me, particularly about my walking pace. Today’s comment was a repeat: “Whoa, with that pace, you’re fixin’ to make it all the way around, aren’tchya?” I work very hard to bite my tongue (yet again) and keep from pointing out that any sort of pace would get me all the way around…that is, after all, the nature of a circle. 😉

No plans yet for this evening. I know, I know…we’re two wild and crazy kids…I would enjoy a game of Frisbee IF the rain finds other plans for the evening, and IF I can avoid the cantankerous mosquitoes. A whole brigade (or maybe it was just one renegade warrior) made a considerable feast out of my knees last night. You know, I shudder to think of the day I would leave the house before donning my shield of sunblock, but a little bug spray? Nope, can’t seem to remember that. I am reminded of my mom’s long running joke: she says that she should take supplements for her memory…but she keeps forgetting. 😉

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