Unseasoned Personalities

This evening, Miles and I walked around the mall for about 90 minutes. Malls have nice gentle floors for your joints, so they’re a good place to walk. (And I suppose the air conditioning might be considered a perk this time of year) Even though there were some obstacles (I think they call them shoppers) we both managed to work up a light sweat…so it was a good evening exercise.

I always enjoy walking with Miles, but it’s a rare thing now. Not like the good old days, the days just after I moved down here. When I ask why he doesn’t exercise with me any longer, he grins, shrugs, and then replies,

“We’re married. I don’t have to impress you any longer.”


Although I suppose it’s fair enough…I gave him a full serving of my attitude as a wedding gift. (I’m generous to a fault) Now he has 24 hour access to Laura-the-good (could there be any other?), Laura-the-bad (in an angelic sort of way), and Laura-the-ugly (in a pretty sort of way).

Nevertheless, I can still be melancholy over the loss of my lovesick fool. Now I’m just left with Miles. I suppose he’ll do. 😉

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