Calorie Expenditure

I was up way too late last night! I still managed to stumble out of bed at 6 for exercise, though. I know I did a short abdominal workout and an arm workout, but the precise recollections are all a little fuzzy. I do know that my biceps had reached such a point of fatigue that I was forced to grunt (…moan, and whimper) while trying to get the running bath water routed to the showerhead afterwards. They’re fine now, naturally.

I have the evening to myself tonight. Miles gets to make good use of all of his hot air on Monday nights: he’s playing sax in some sort of band…all I know is that it involves a bowling alley and a church…a likely pairing if ever there was one. I’m trying to decide what I want to do. Last night I had grandiose ideas of going for an evening run tonight…but idleness has been in play since noon, and it shows no sign of needing a break. No, I’d say a bubble bath and a book fit my evening bill. Just think of the calorie-burnage.

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