Sophie Sunday

When we brought Sophie home, Nick and I made an agreement to divide her care between the two of us. To make the division simple, he essentially took the back half of her and I took the front. I thought this was mostly a good agreement because her front half was marginally (but only MARGINALLY) cuter than her back half.

I soon learned that her back half didn’t mind if Nick waited a few days to empty the litter, but her front half had plenty to say if I wasn’t out of bed by 4:30 at the latest to feed her prissy self.

It’s that time of year when she’s all fluffed out and constantly regurgitating hairballs. We stumble upon messes randomly but often. There has been some debate over who is responsible for the cleanup.

Nick argues that if I have the front half, the front technically created the monstrosity…thus, I am responsible.

I argue that it must surely be written into the bylaws that it isn’t a front and back thing so much as an inputs and outputs thing.

I think we need an arbitrator to come in and figure this out…preferably someone on my side. Any takers? I’m not above bribery.

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