I’m going to make this place your home

So, I have a marketing degree and I work for American Family Insurance. I am incredibly loyal to the company, and I think that the marketing department is positioning us in a positive way.

We were listening to Phillip Phillips’ “Home” in the car last night—the song is used in our latest marketing campaign.

I started asking questions of my husband (I MAY have consumed a margarita beforehand; sources cannot be corroborated)…sort of doing my own market research, you know. “So Nick, does this song inspire you to go get your dream then find an insurance company to protect it?” He didn’t respond…verbally.

I let it go considering that I have us insured to the hilt and also the [alleged] tequila in my bloodstream.

Fast forward to today, a few minutes ago. One of the commercials that uses the song came on TV. I was not paying attention, so Nick snapped me out of my reverie to let me know [smirking], “Yeah, I do feel like insuring sh*t all of a sudden.”

Way to go AmFam…the message is getting through. We’ve penetrated the miser-market!

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