Aunt Debbie

Yesterday was a very big day for one of the best people I know: after 42 years with the same company, my aunt Debbie retired. I know that she was probably nervous to be the center of attention (us first borns always are…we’ve been coexisting with the younger attention-robbers most of our lives, after all), but her smile was contagious as she sat in front of the room full of friends, coworkers, laughter, and fond memories.

Beautiful people, beautiful day, beautiful time of year.
(2012; L-R: Brenda, me, Debbie)

I often stop and revel in the fortune I have been granted with the people in my life; they have been a wealth beyond all comprehension. There was my mother of course—it’s no secret, particularly here, that I had a very dear relationship with the woman who gave me life. I wasn’t always the greatest daughter, and I gave my share of sass, but I knew early in life that she was a gift that I probably didn’t deserve.

Mom was quite close to her sisters, and I was blessed to have two extraordinary women play a prominent role in my life as a result.

Olbrich Gardens, '04
(2004; L-R: Debbie, Liela—aka Mom, Brenda, me)

Debbie has worked tirelessly all her life, possessing a work ethic that is becoming rarer every day. I respect the way that she pushes through pain to get the job done…I appreciate the mental toughness that it takes to keep on going, even when it hurts. Really, I just appreciate her. Debbie, you’ve spent decades rushing around to make everyone else comfortable. This is your time to sit back, catch your breath, and enjoy life.

Owen Park - Caledonia
(2012; L-R: Nick, me, Brenda, Debbie)

I am excited for you to write the next chapter! Congratulations…we love you very much.

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