It’s all mine!

We have been busy with chores around the house lately, leaving me little time to post…but I had to stop in to share yesterday’s wonderful surprise!

When I went through the mail, I saw a letter from the company that holds the lien on my car. When I opened the letter, I found that it was a check returned to me due to overpayment. Several years ago, I scheduled my bank to send payment every four weeks when my company auto-deposits my paycheck. Since the money is removed from my account the same day that money is added, I don’t really give the exchange much thought.

Since I was pretty sure that I had a few months of payments left, I called the lien to verify the legitimacy of the check. Since I pay every four weeks instead of every month, I paid off the loan months ahead of schedule. I was expecting the loan to be satisfied in the near future, but I wasn’t expecting this feeling of lightness!

I feels like it was only yesterday that I went to the Mazda dealership to buy my first ever brand new car. That was a pretty big deal to me, particularly for where I was at that stage in my life. You know what? This feels pretty big too.

Now, let’s hope that Sally has a few healthy years left in her (she still runs as smoothly as the day I drove her off the lot) so I can enjoy not having car payments for a little while!

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