Sophie Sunday

Okay, so this picture is a few months old, but it’s a pose I’ve been seeing a lot during the last week:

Stressful Life

The temperatures, which have been abnormally (awesomely, wondrously…) high this year, took a turn in the other direction this week. For one of the first times all season, we’ve been able to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows. Since we’ve been controlling the environment manually, we haven’t felt the need to keep up Sophie’s summer doo. She has been comfortable and hates the groomer anyway, so…Sophie’s lion cut grew out by the end of June and she’s been fluffy ever since.

Well, she’s been a little drama queen the last several days. The auto program for the air conditioning keeps the indoor temperature in the upper 70s. With the open windows, the gauge has been reading in the low 80s. She’s been flopping over in all her “IT’S SO HOT, I THINK I MAY PERISH!” melodrama.

Really, Soph? It’s 5° warmer in here at the most. Let’s get this straight, missy: I am the princess here, and I will not share the throne.

She all but glared yesterday as I stepped over her—she makes sure to to splay herself in main walking paths when she goes into full-on “woe is me” mode. Her eyes said, “I thought you fixed this already, you screw-up! Fix it again!” Except, she doesn’t realize that “fixing it” means the grooming that she loathes with every fiber of her being…too much logic to process for a poor little cat brain.

(Okay, so maybe she is the princess, but please leave me to my delusions.)

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