Nickism No. 3

The things that come out of Nick’s mouth…you can’t just make this stuff up.

So we’re in Minneapolis. Normally the fates aren’t in my favor for traveling. I seem to come down with terrible viruses and experience maddening insomnia. That hasn’t been the case for awhile now…actually, Nick has been carrying the virus burden lately. He doped up on decongestants before we left yesterday (he was feeling better by nightfall).

I felt great and slept like a baby…except for that jolt awake after “somebody” kicked me. We were walking together later that morning when he apologized. Awake now with my logical sensibilities, I questioned it all.

Me: “How the heck did you happen to kick me!? It was a king-sized bed!”

Nick, sputtering, blushing: “I was trying to get closer!”

His INTENTIONS are so sweet…it’s the follow through that we need to work on.

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