A bunch of unrelated nonsense

  • My last class to complete my marketing degree officially ends on November 15, 2010.
    Wait a minute, let me try that delivery again: MY LAST CLASS ENDS IN NINE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There, that’s better.

    This has been a work-intensive class, and I am easily writing 5,000 – 10,000 words every week to complete my assignments. I’m all out of words, but I am getting through knowing that the end is near. It also helps that the class is in consumer behavior, which is one of the most interesting areas of marketing.

  • Since starting school again in 2007, I cringe while blogging. I struggle to find the balance between conversational writing and using proper language skills. I use contractions. I start sentences with conjunctions ALL THE TIME. I use the word it. I abuse the passive voice. This is not how I present myself in formal essays, but separating the two voices of Laura is difficult.
  • I am at 900 running miles for the year. I am trying to get the motivation to go for a run this morning, but something has been off during my runs this last week. I’m not feeling pain exactly…I know how to deal with that particular woe. I guess what I am feeling is dispassionate. Apathetic maybe. I don’t know, but every step has felt like a chore this week, and that just sucks all of the joy out of running. I planned to do my weekly 10er yesterday, but I cut it short and did an upper body strength training workout instead. Runner-Laura is a much happier person, so I hope I figure it out!
  • On the subject of running, I expressed to Nick today that I hope that I continue with regular running mileage once my challenge is over, because I’m pretty proud of the cardiovascular fitness I have achieved this year. Maybe I will have to set a similar challenge for next year, but only at an easier distance, like 750. That would allow me flexibility to do activities other than running. I am undecided.
  • Nick is having to temporarily work a different shift at work, and we never see each other. He should be back on my schedule by Thanksgiving, but it has been weird coming home to an empty, quiet house and going to bed alone. Sophie is very confused.
  • In my “spare time” (read: when I have writer’s block for school assignments) I have been trying to upload old photos from my last summer with Mom to Flickr. I have been storing them on an external hard drive that was probably purchased a decade ago. I would be devastated if I lost the pictures, so this will make me feel better. It’s a very slow process.

  • I have decided to get my wedding band soldered to my engagement ring. I will have to drop off the set at the end of this month to make sure it is ready by the time we fly out in December. I am going to feel very naked without it! I will also need to get my wedding dress taken in before then. I really haven’t lost weight doing P90X, but my clothes are all too big now!
  • We are going to the first Badger men’s basketball game of the season tonight. I am excited to see our team this year. We bought a nine-pack of tickets that the University was offering. The seats are not great, but it gets me in the door to watch ‘my’ boys. I would love to have season tickets, but the Badgers are popular—no room left in the inn! A coworker of mine mentioned in passing that he has season tickets in the first level, but that making it to a lot of the games is difficult with kids. I told him to keep me in mind if he ever needed to get rid of tickets for face, and it is actually his tickets that we will be using tonight. SWEET. I love Nick for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest is because he introduced me to college basketball.
  • I tried to be superwoman last night and do Ab Ripper X. I tried back in September, and I had a mini-relapse of my disabling back pain. I spent a week on muscle relaxers, narcotics, and lidocaine patches. I decided to try it again, but with heavily modifying everything to be kinder to my back. I really really hurt today. I guess that seals the deal: never again.
  • I know this isn’t really a decent post about much of anything. Maybe when I am not writing so much for class I will come back in full form? I am going to cut this one off here because I could really go on rambling for quite some time, when what I really need to do is figure out what to do with my hair when I get married since I have less than two months now! Where did this year go?
  • Ciao!
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