Nudist Colony

My office building was constructed over an empty field several years ago. In the cooler months, I have heard “tails” of field mice getting into desk drawers and whatnot. I don’t keep food at my desk and I’ve never encountered a scurrying visitor. One of my friends squeaks and squeals and jumps atop her desk whenever she so much as thinks she sees something in the corner of her eye, however. 

I have determined in all my armchair psychology brilliance that it isn’t the rodent that offends her, but rather it is the mouse’s nakedness. My friend does not appreciate the suggestion that she is a mouse-prude, but just think about it for a moment. 

If mice scampered about in jumpers, bonnets, waistcoats and top hats, would anyone be rattled or would everyone be charmed? 

Discuss amongst yourselves. 

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