I concede 

In my 20s I developed, among other things, an inability to fall or stay asleep all night. Well, that’s not entirely accurate…I’ve subsisted on little sleep for a long time. (I averaged maybe four hours a night by the time I was in high school.) The sleep thing just got a lot less manageable in my 20s when I couldn’t even hit four hours. 

Of course that was a tumultuous time in general with various aches and pains coming to the surface, and I was eventually prescribed a muscle relaxer to take before bedtime under the assumption that I couldn’t sleep because I was in pain. It has probably a 90% success rate and the sleep front, so I really can’t complain.

But every now and then I do a “spot check” to see if I really need to continue taking a given medication. I have no idea why I do it because I think it’s really stupid thing to do…it’s like I become suspicious that I may be taking a drug for no reason which terrifies me. If my doctor with her muuuuuuch more expensive education thinks I should be taking a medicine, why am I so paranoid that I don’t really need it!? 

It’s the quandary of a drug that works so well that eventually you forget that you had a problem that it is actively treating. 

The long and the short of it is that it is 2:00 AM, and not only am I not sleepy, I feel wired. 

PSA (Personal Service Announcement) to future-Laura who is considering skipping her nightly muscle relaxer:


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