I’m Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I have always loved color.

Color soothes my moods and makes brilliant the dull corners in my mind. It comforts me in ways I have not acknowledged until recently. What setting do you create for yourself when you seek respite?—have you ever given it much thought?

As part of this house-building adventure/madness, Nick convinced me that we needed to try a smart light bulb before the house was finished to see if the technology was worth the investment. The prices are slowly becoming more reasonable, but that “trial bulb” was a little ouchy on the budget. Besides integration with mobile devices, these lights can show a full spectrum of color and 1000 shades of white. The color thing seemed silly to me…in the beginning. We had the bulb about an hour when I changed my tune.

Since we moved into the house, that first bulb has lived over our chromatherapy soaker-tub.

Chromatherapy Tub

So, the science on color therapy…look, science was never my thing. I always told anyone who asked me about chromatherapy that it may all be hokey, but it sure is pretty to look at. My favorite combination is to light the water either aqua or royal blue with the overhead bulb a saturated magenta.

In fact, it’s always been magenta overhead. I sometimes experiment with a different color, but I always return to magenta before the end of my bath. There’s just something about that color that makes me feel better, and I’ve never stopped to consider why that is. A visceral contentment and peacefulness washes over me…and the hard day washes away.

Last night, we installed four additional bulbs in the great room and some strip lighting over one set of cabinets in the kitchen. My first response was to set them all to magenta. It was like an autopilot switch was flipped and a voice said, “Doesn’t feel right…must make magenta!”

Again, I fully admit that I have never researched chromatherapy or even what different colors represent. After last night, when nearly the entire first level was bathed in deep magenta, I really started to wonder. It’s not like magenta is my favorite color or even close to it.

Thus, I started digging. Magenta is the magical eighth color that can be observed beyond Newton’s Wave Length Theory—the theory that gave us ROYGBIV, or the following seven colors on the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (also known as my closet organization index). The color Magenta (no idea why I just made that a proper noun) was observed later as an eighth color comprised of Newton’s first and seventh colors. It’s the color that completes the circle and signifies a marriage of secular and spiritual.

To quote Marty McFly, this is heavy.

Prettying up the kitchen...one set of cabinets down, two to go.


Magenta is said to be the link to spirituality, divine love, and letting go of the past. It is the color that supposedly realigns a person to their life’s purpose. A little tongue-in-cheek, I read that people who have a preference for this color have a focus on self-realization but suffer from becoming fixed on certain ideas (you know, like assuming color therapy is hokey).

In an effort to open my mind to possibilities, perhaps my time under those rosy rays is connecting me with my mother, helping me cope with unanswerable questions, and serving as a reminder why I’m still here. If any of that holds merit, given the weightiness of those questions and the prominent themes they play in my life, it’s not so surprising that magenta is my own gateway to bliss.

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high.
There’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby…

Eleven Years an Angel

This year, the anniversary of Mom’s death hit me worse than in years past. I’m not quite sure why…but for the first time in years, I spent a January 26th crying the night away. The last couple weeks have been emotional, really.

Nick was involved in a car accident ten days ago. He was hit from behind by a speeding motorist who was checking his phone. After the collision, he spun out of control across two lanes of traffic, the median, two lanes of oncoming traffic, down an embankment, and finally came to a stop in a field. Just typing that out makes my heart thud and my stomach hurt.

By grace, he was unharmed. I don’t know how that’s possible, considering the damage to the vehicle and all the little variables that could have changed that outcome. How did he avoid hitting any other vehicles during lunchtime on a busy highway? I can only believe that someone was watching over us from the other side.

The enormity of it all didn’t sink in until that evening. We were making dinner, wading into the darkest waters of what-ifs, when he said (trying unsuccessfully to lighten the mood) something like, “Not another one in January!” Dam: broken…poor Nick.

It’s just that I hadn’t felt terror like that in almost a decade—the doubt that life could go on, the feeling that all of the oxygen has left the room, the sharp ache in the center of my chest.

Obviously, life does go on, even when it seems cruel to leave your loved one behind to live only in memory. I am profoundly grateful that I do not need to relearn that hard truth. Thank you to…well, I’m not sure who or what I should credit…but I have my own theories.

Please keep looking out for me, Mom. I love you.

Caledonia Picnic

Patience, Please

After a much-needed break over 2016, I’m baaaaaaack…and trying to figure out a new blog content management system. After over 10 years in Serendipity, this old “blog” is trying to learn a new trick in WordPress.

And it’s hard, particularly since I don’t do a lot in HTML or CSS on a day-to-day (or even month-to-month) basis anymore. Eventually I’ll figure out where to resize columns, and line spacing, and, and, and…

Point being, it’s a work in progress…and please don’t mind the dust during construction. I suppose you could have gleaned that neat little summary from the title, but why stop at two words when you can spew 150 with a few HTML tags too? (I don’t know the answer to that. I’ve never stopped at just two.)

I can tell you that I’ve been influenced by a Moroccan-esque design aesthetic in dark teals, blues, oranges, and golds for last few years, so expect that theme to continue as I make LL mine again. I think it’s all the tessellating shapes…makes my mathematician’s heart happy! Pottery Barn has done nothing to stem the obsession either. I don’t mean to get all conspiracy-theory on you, but I strongly suspect that they’re after my money.

Why thank you! This makes me feel very welcome :-)
More to come!