All the trimmings

House Updates! (11/30)

Look at the pretty new window seat and storage bench! Our trim carpenter Jeff reminds me so much of my father…it’s very refreshing in a lot of ways, but mostly because I just know that he’s extremely capable and wants more than anything for us to love the end product. Whenever Nick and I stop by while he’s there, he’ll stop what he’s doing to chat. We feel a little awkward about that because we don’t mean to be disruptive—but he just loves people. He’d rather take time to visit and work late than get done early. I have to say that everyone who has worked on our home has been extremely friendly and personable, but some have made more of an impression than others.
House Updates! (11/30)
My favorite person to work with, hands down, has been the person who designed our cabinetry. What’s that you say? Oh yes, we have cabinets now! In more rooms than we don’t actually (now that I think about it). Leland took very good care of us, and he was so extremely pleasant to work with. He actually has a background in psychology and told me that having couples therapy skills has proven very beneficial for his line of work with spouses building homes. He was a fantastic mediator (though I would like to believe that we weren’t all that hard to work with for any of our vendors) and seemed totally invested in creating our dream. When the trim carpenter had questions about the cabinets delivered, it was Leland who came out personally to review the delivery and take measurements.

He’s seriously the awesomest ever. I almost want to put cabinets in the rest of the rooms just to work with him some more…going over board? Perhaps. House Updates! (11/30)

The trim carpenter also installed all the locks on the house, so we are now secure enough for really expensive things to be delivered. You know, expensive things like light fixtures. Seeing all of the beautiful light fixtures we selected stacked in the office was…underwhelming. Depressing is a better-fit for what I felt when I saw how little space $6,000 actually fills. The money all goes poof so quickly…it’s unreal. It all still feels worth it though. My home is my center, my grounding…where else should our money go but toward our foundation (in every meaning of the word I suppose)?

I could go on more about this, but really where one spends their earnings is a very personal decision. Neither one of us is independently wealthy, but we take pride in our strong work ethic and the quality of our work. Not becoming a parent in my 20s (as I had originally assumed would happen) altered my path through life. I’ve decided that I cannot write my own story—nobody can. All we can do is start a new chapter and see how it plays out. I finally feel like I am personally accomplishing something in my life, and being financially strong enough to build a home is only a small part of that…anyway: I thought my stream of consciousness tendencies were limited to pencil and paper, but not so the case here.


We are in the final stretch…twelve days to go. In the next week, all trim should be finished and painting should be touched up. The mason, Rocky (*snicker* – c’mon, what are the odds?), should be out to finish the fireplace, and the front porch railing will come to life. Oh, and let’s not forget that expensive pile of cardboard. The electrician should be out in the next few days to assemble and install the light fixtures. I want to see a couple of those chandeliers REALLY, REALLY BAD!