FRAME! I’m gonna live forever!

So, I know it’s been two weeks since my last update—a lot has been happening! This is really the first moment I’ve had free to myself (and if I’m being honest with myself, I really should be doing laundry right now).

imageSo much has happened since the last update that I’m struggling where to begin. In the time since I wrote the laundry confession above, I’ve changed into my pajamas, had a heartfelt conversation with Sophie, and taken some pain medication. I guess I better get to it or that last one might steal my mind before I lay it all out!

I guess the best place to begin is the roof. That’s right, we have a roof now! Nick was so excited by the prospect of it that he decided to use his lunchtime to watch the crane in action. My husband puts decent consideration into framing shots when he takes pictures, so it tickles me to no end that most of the pictures he uploaded of the crane lifting roof trusses are decorated with one of his fingers. Little boys: I don’t think they ever really grow up all the way. Big trucks are rad—too rad to pay attention to much else when one is nearby.

After the roof trusses were up, the house started really taking shape. It started becoming that design that we connected with so many months ago. The roof line reminds Nick of some of the Key West architecture that keeps us coming back to the Florida Keys year after year. Those proud peaks do something for me too, but I haven’t figured it out yet. All I know is that I like ’em.

House progress: we have a roof!

My ClosetThe inside of the house really started coming together too! The first floor is mostly open concept (the only “separate” rooms are an office and a half-bath), so there wasn’t a lot left to frame down there. The second floor is where all the walls suddenly took shape one day! I’ve gone through a range of really silly, frankly—no better word for it—blonde observations.

A great example of this would be my [internal] reaction to seeing the second floor with a roof: aww…sad face. It looks so closed in now! It looked so big and airy…when there wasn’t a ceiling. [pause] Oh…

September 23 House Visit!But as the the plans slowly take shape, everything seems pretty much perfect actually. The last several appointments with vendors have been especially exciting because the subject matter feels less like a hypothetical project.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. The framing is this marvelous, slow-motion process that, while gratifying (watching something rise from nothing), feels a little like you’re stuck behind a caterpillar. Eventually, you adjust to the slower pace, and it’s cool. It’s easy to follow, low stress, perfect for multitasking. Then: BOOM.

The framing is nearly complete; now the madness ensues.

House visits (September 27-28)Windows and doors were delivered and installed last week. Those were the first selections we made during the process, and I think they look pretty wonderful installed. We accepted early on that we were lucky to be able to build a home bordering a conservancy (we kept hearing from various sources that lots bordering the conservancy sold out shortly after we closed on ours). What better way to honor that than to install as many windows as possible facing that protected grove?

Front door installed!The most exciting part of the last week, hands down, was watching the front door installation. The door will be stained to complement the rest of the exterior once that work has completed. We are going to use a similar glass pattern used in the decorative door glass in the transom windows and possibly the pantry doors and some of the kitchen cabinets in the future.

The vendor appointments we were given as homework are all complete (well ahead of schedule I might add), but we are in the process of choosing finishing touches that might prove to be our undoing (but hopefully not). Everything has gone so smoothly so far, but this is largely due to Nick letting me take the reigns. Now he’s decided to have an opinion…the NERVE! Just teasing…I want him to be happy with everything too of course. But I almost had an anxiety attack in a lighting warehouse today because I thought the foundation of our relationship was in jeopardy. The style he loves I hate. It’s the first time he’s truly challenged me on anything I selected, and it had to be on the foyer light fixture. Seriously? Why couldn’t he pick his battle on some light in a less show-stopping location?

Just an FYI for anyone about to go light shopping: light warehouses are warm and overwhelming…but beautiful and incredibly sparkly.

BBC Lighting a word? Overwhelming.

Today was our “exposure visit” only, so no decisions were made today. We’ll go again soon to spend a small fortune, and it will be easier then. This is what we did for plumbing fixtures, and that selection appointment was easy and without stress. After I swallowed back the near-tears today (yes, I was that bothered that our tastes were so different), Nick wandered away from me. I took the chance to wander myself until he came charging to find me. “I have a compromise that I think you’ll like!” House visits (September 27-28)

It was on a pendant light design (we have three of them over the kitchen island), and I did like it, he was right. So we just need to either find a focal-point chandelier in the same mix of glitzy-industrial or one of us needs to fold. We’ll see which fixtures are still in our minds by the time we visit the showroom again.

One last update on the house before it’s a wrap: they finally poured the basement! It’s a much bigger thing than a one-sentence statement at the end of a novella—but it isn’t sparkly nor was it contested, so it isn’t getting as much fanfare. More to follow!


House Check-in!

The rough framing on the second floor is nearly complete! I decided to try out the bathtub location when we stopped by today, and while it was hard to imagine without Norah Jones and candlelight, I think it’ll be just perfect! The photo was taken from what will eventually be the walk-in closet. The walk-in closet ate up what was once a fourth bedroom in the original plans. (I like big closets…a lot.)

House Check-in!

House Check-in!

I know the update is short and sweet this week…that darn life, always getting in the way…curses!

Oh, one last update! I got a new haircut last Thursday…bangs! I have bangs! I received a lot of great compliments at work on Friday: they did wonders for my ego! Nick, who doesn’t like anything that obscures my face, told me that anyone who says they like my bangs is really saying that they don’t like my face. I’m really hoping that there actually are people who can like my face and my hair…eek!


Step by Step…

…ooooh, baby….gonna get to you gurrrrrl…

Lord help me! I just opened up my blog editor and New Kids on the Block flowed from my laptop keyboard.

(Armageddon is near! Hold your loved ones and wait for the end!)

Daily House Visit

Okay, if you’re still around even after that, I bet you want to know what’s new with ma maison! Le voilà, mes amis!

(I promise I’m not under the influence of anything tonight. So far, 33 is shaping up to be a very silly year…but to be fair, I’m due.)

I just scrolled through our Flickr account to see what has happened since I posted last Sunday. Without regular visits to the construction site and photos, it would be impossible for me to remember this process. I’m grateful to today’s age of technology for that way to mark time and progress; 30 years from now this is going to feel like a blink in the pages of my history when it was so much more.

They started building the first story ceiling/second story floor this week. I didn’t realize that all that progress had happened in just a week’s time before looking at the pictures. They were waiting on a steel support beam to make everything structurally sound before doing gymnastics with nail guns on the second-story plywood, I guess.

Looks like we're getting a first story ceiling AND a second story floor! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Up, up, and away (to the 2nd story)! Beam me up Scotty!   (The central support steel beam that was holding up progress arrived today!)
Daily house visit... Daily House Visit

I didn’t schedule any appointments with vendors last week. One of the next meetings will need to be about flooring, and I want to wait until we do the walk-through with the site PM first (just in case something needs to change from the original floor plan). The framing guys worked all weekend and plan to have the roof trusses up on Wednesday. It’s just crazy how fast they can move once materials have all been delivered. The lot has taken on the appearance of a lumbar yard, so it certainly seems like a lot of materials are piling up!

Daily house visit...

We stopped by the house with Dad after having lunch with him on Saturday. His carpenter-past made him light up like a Christmas tree while walking through the bones of the house. Todd and Nick (framer-Nick, not husband-Nick) were working, and Dad peppered them with questions (they’re using newer materials and techniques than Dad did back in his day)—it was cutest thing, honestly.

So this week I think we’ll see the second story come to life. I will be trying to get some appointments in the next few weeks for flooring, tile, and counters—and somewhere along the way I need to get some serious studying in! (I am taking tests to earn some insurance designations.)

Busy, busy, busy!—but for now: à bientôt!

Daily house visit...