Coffee Filters

I don’t know that Nick was much on coffee pre-Laura, but nowadays he’s good for a cup every morning. Two years ago I remember needing to get more coffee filters for the coffeemaker. I reached for the 500 pack, and Nick cried, “500!? We’ll never get through those!” I remember thinking to myself, Oh, Please… I grabbed a piddly 200 pack instead.

We needed coffee filters again as of last weekend. We were at Sam’s club to buy salmon and tilapia and we came upon the coffee filters. Eagerly, I reached for the 1000 pack. Nick, predictably, had a fit. “1000!? That’s A LOT!” Then, he surprised me, pointing at another location on the shelf. “Let’s get the 700 pack instead.”

I think he’s beginning to realize that, coffee filters in bulk? Yeah, we’ll get through those.

Still Alive

Fort Zachary Taylor

Life is just so gosh darn busy! I turned 27 last Sunday, and once again I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in the Florida Keys. Birthdays usually do not bother me, but this one did. You get into traps where you remember what you were doing x-amount of years ago. “Five” was my magic number…five years ago this time of year we first learned, out of the blue, that my mother had cancer…and end-stage at that.

What else is going on with me? Oh, SCHOOL. It’s sucking the life out of me. I just finished with a course in accounting and nutrition, and I am in my final two courses (Finance and International Business) for the associate’s degree. My bachelor’s program begins toward the end of November.

We were going to go on a hot air balloon ride last night, but it was canceled due to weather. The conditions must be near-ideal, so I may have to reschedule several times. I gave the tickets to Nick for his birthday last June, and we have scheduled one more try at a ride this year—the end of September when autumn colors are at their prettiest.

Nick thinks that during this time, when I am too busy, too tired, too spent to blog like I used to, we should turn LL into a site where we post funny things we’ve heard or said. This came after watching a really pathetic movie called “The Polar Bear King” wherein one royal sighed, “Why can’t everything be as simple as………snow?” and Nick felt my kneecaps after we made a pact that neither of us shave during our vacation and declared that my legs don’t feel like his face.

We’ll see where this website goes…