Since We Last Talked…

Hi, there! Remember when I used to write every single day, sometimes twice a day? Did the days have more hours back then? That must be it.

I discovered on the verge of tears last night that I aced my Economics final. I tried sharing the overwhelming joy with Nick, but he seems to consider my A’s a dime a dozen. I’m like an obedient pooch: I’ll gladly do my trick as long as you promise to pat my head afterwards.

Last Wednesday was Nick’s birthday. We spent the afternoon biking and the evening dining with friends. It was a good day and the bad storms never came. I gave him two tickets for a hot air balloon ride. After I purchased the tickets, I nervously text-messaged Brenda to see if she thought he’d like the gift. She replied that if he didn’t, she would go with me. He liked them. Sorry, Bren.

Sophie is becoming such a lap cat. She’s panting more often now that the days have grown humid. Nick turned on the air conditioner last week because she’s really quite pathetic with all that hair. I’ve known all along that she’s part-dog but a lot less maintenance. It is very nice to have her run to us when we get home at night.

What else? Oh, I’ve been diagnosed with yet another digestive disorder. I tell ya, I feel sexier as the years go by. Add more foods to my list of what to avoid. Citrus, pineapple, tomato, anything high-fat…and coffee should be there, but I just can’t bring myself to avoid that one. So I take my medication like a good girl and avoid most of the things I should.

Last Saturday was Rhythm and Booms. Great show, bit of a storm scare early on when we made a mad-dash to a nearby gas station while the hail assaulted the ground.

That’s all I can remember at the moment. Time to head off to work…we’re carpooling today. Ciao!

A different kind of hangover…

I am done with econ. I handed in my final last night after spending most of yesterday writing and refining my essay. I planned to finish marketing yesterday too, but as always, econ used more of my resources than I was expecting. I typed up 500 words and then my brain clamped shut and I spent the last two hours of my night limp on the couch. This morning? My head is pounding and I feel a little sick.

I have exorcised you, econ!