On Acceptance:

My aunt sent me the message that I most love to get yesterday morning. “I have bananas for you.” I was especially happy yesterday morning as I suffered through the density of a yellow banana. I cried to Brenda, “I couldn’t play with it with my tongue or anything!” Honestly, how do you people stomach bananas with the consistency of bamboo!?

I nearly skipped back to my desk at work, so happy was I! Debbie cautioned, “Don’t eat all of those bananas at once!” and I re-tied the plastic bag to seal off the temptation.

Nick and I carpooled yesterday. I smoothed some of my new favorite banana-scented lotion (Christmas present) on my hands as I locked my computer and gathered my things. Tossing my loot into his SUV, he looked sardonically at my wrinkled plastic bag and poked it with his finger. “Bananas?” I nodded with big eyes and closed the door.

Five seconds later he wrinkled his face and exclaimed that he could smell them and couldn’t we tie them to the roof or something!? “No, you’re probably smelling my hand lotion,” I reply, too giddy to have an instant stash of brown bananas to let his boogeriness affect me. I shoved a hand under his nose.


I prefer the term fermented.

ARLINGTON – Liela J. Kittleson, age 48, passed away on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2006, at her home in Arlington, surrounded by her family.

Knowing for a couple of years that this day would be coming, I have written my own obituary.

I was born on Aug. 14, 1957, to my wonderful parents, Rodney and Grace (Nehls) Paske. They gave me a life of love and security and I loved them dearly. I was blessed with four sisters each of whom I treasure.

On May 24, 1980, I was united in marriage to Roger Kittleson. Roger is a man of integrity and he loved me more than I deserved most times. I love you, dear.

Now, the only accolade or award I believe to be worth mentioning is that I was entrusted by God to raise two beautiful children, Laura and Charlie. They have been the joy of my life and a day has not gone by that I have not thanked God for them.

I was also blessed with many, many loving and supportive friends, too numerous to mention by name, but you have been my strength and encouragement these past months.

Thank you also to all of my friends at UW Cancer Center, and in particular Dr. Weber and Dr. Holen. You gave me hope and time. We gave it a great try, and I thank you.

I had a wonderful life, thank you, all. So, until we meet again, Goodbye.

The Week Ahead

It is early in the morning and already I am feeling overwhelmed. I am in class all week at work and on my final third of my current two courses. Then there was that pesky Christmas resolution to exercise nearly-daily and this silly virus that simply refuses to vacate my person.

My Biology final (the essay portion) is due on Sunday, and I have a PowerPoint presentation due in History. I filled in my daily planner this morning and think I can manage (providing my brain doesn’t overheat) and still make it to 5:00 church Saturday and watch 5:30 Packers kickoff on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Sophie threw up this morning, and I found two whole, un-chewed treats in the mess. Glutton. Nick thinks she’s pudgy. I, remembering the skinny ferret we brought home, I think she’s loved. Besides, she’s fluffy!

I bought myself an African love knot yesterday and had Nick put it on the high shelf in the living room. I loved it as soon as I saw it. Later in the evening, Nick asked me, “Do you like your pretzel?” I didn’t answer at first because I thought he was talking to Sophie.

Yes, I am serious. He had pretzels earlier while I worked out, and I figured he gave her one to play with. He looked at me pointedly and realization dawned. “Do you mean the love knot?”

“It looks like a pretzel to me.”

This and That

Well that was a short two weeks off from school!—of course, it didn’t help that I have spent most of the last week sick…kind of a lousy way to spend a vacation. Nick and I celebrated our second anniversary on the first, and we were both dumbfounded that it has already been two years.

We cleaned the house together on Saturday, and Nick pulled out the couch sections to find Sophie’s stash of lost pens, golf tees, and pretzel rods. She has become even more affectionate with me lately…often pressing her wet nose to mine while purring and licking my chin. I always thank her for keeping me clean. She shared my pillow for a bit last night.

Nick’s been sick too, and we’ve spent our days off in rumpled clothing in front of the television with Sophie bringing us jingly balls to play fetch. We did set up a wireless print server which was rather smart. This website needs a redesign, which would have been an even smarter use of my time, but my creative side took a hike when I started Biology.

Well, the house is stirring and I need to put serious effort into looking alive this morning. Have a great day!