That’s Dope.

Yesterday, while on a search for a type of safe litter THAT SOPHIE WILL USE (turns out, after buying 30lbs—the only size they had—of a recommended brand, she still won’t use it), I bought her a little toy…essentially a puffy ball on a spring attached to a base. Sorta like this, but purple with a pink fuzzy on top. Because Sophie’s a girl, and she likes pink and purple better. She told me in no uncertain terms.

Anyway, to get her interest in it, Nick suggested I spray the ball with this bottle of catnip spray. I had gotten the spray shortly after we adopted her, and keep it hidden so that she won’t become a junkie in her time alone during the days. I doused the pink puff and put the spray back in its hiding place.

Later that Night, Sophie walked up to the spring, sniffing the ball, and batted it a couple of times with her paw, eventually knocking it over. Looking covertly to either side, she nestled down on the floor next to the fallen contraction and inched closer to the pink puff. Next time I looked, she was bathing it with her tongue, sucking with eyes at half mast…almost like it was coffee-squared.

By far, the most beautiful light of day:

King Midas had nothing on this.

Birds chirping, dew drops glistening, and dust motes fluttering, I feel as though I am in a sacred place. I keep quiet and watch as the awe takes hold, and I feel her caress my face with her gentle mothers’ hands and hold me close. She used to call me every morning while I lived in North Carolina and say, “The weather is clear here, is it there?” And if I’d reply that it was, she would volley happily, “Then we are looking at the same sun today.” And so we are today too, with the warmth and sparkle of our blessings.


The theory of Limbo is about to be abolished by the Roman Catholic Church. It gives me absurd happiness to think that the people have a better understanding of God’s grace today than they did in the stricter religious structures of 800 ago.

I was confirmed in a very strict synod of my Lutheran faith…the Lutherans strayed from the Catholic Church, of course, but our basis in faith is the one and the same. I was taught Original Sin, and the cleansing of Baptism…but I always felt this immense sorrow for the infants with non-religious parents who make the choice not to wash away that sin. It’s hard, religion today. We live in a society that feeds on proof, not simple belief. I know I’ve mentioned it many times now, but I almost attended Seminary, wanting to become a Pastor in my faith. I’ve always been philosophical more on the theological side, and know that when I can’t reason out an answer, my higher power will. I know few my age who know this so wholly. I am lucky.

Limbo was defined centuries past as a place between Heaven and Hell where the good but unbaptized go in their afterlife. It isn’t a terrible place, but it certainly isn’t Heaven, we’re taught. But it always bothered me…the thought that our loving, gracious Lord wouldn’t welcome a baby who died before being baptized into his home and into his protecting arms. Instead of Original Sin, I always chose to believe in my own theory: Original Forgiveness.

I am excited about this eradication of a scare tactic faith. I remember often the words of one my Pastors over the years: “Jesus didn’t scare the Hell out of people. He warmed the Heaven in.” This is a very good thing.