POP! Goes the Co—orn!

Saturday night found Miles craving popcorn. A couple of years ago, we spent the smartest twenty bucks that we’ve ever spent and purchased an air popper. I’m not overly fond of the microwave stuff, so I brought stove-popped popcorn to the table of our relationship. My partner judged it as more delicious than the nuked fare, so we continued on with our popcorn preparation in this manner.

Then I noticed a pattern. Miles would pull…a “Miles”. He would crave the popcorn, he would pop it…and then leave the pot for me to clean. This got old very fast, as you can imagine.

So, in 2003, for health reasons of the mental, physical, and relationship sort, we acquired an air popper. It’s the handiest thing in the world…idiot proof in every way. (Did you read that, Miles? Idiot proof in every way.)

You throw a half-cup of popcorn seeds into the device, plug it in, and walk away. Easy, no?

Well, last Saturday, Miles sprouted so many extra thumbs that I held my breath every time he approached something somewhat delicate…you know, like me…erm…and the dinnerware. Why I thought he could handle the air popper escapes me.


Learning Curves…With Really Big Teeth

I’ve installed weblog software (HAH! Miles installed weblog software) on the server late last night. I keep opening the control panel, poking at with with my index finger and then withdrawing quickly&#8212as if it were a scaly reptile with really big teeth. (No offense meant to the scaly reptile with big teeth owners in the audience.)

So, look for that update over the next couple of days/months/years. Much handier than hard coding&#8212and perhaps I could get Miles to post more often if I didn’t have him held at gunpoint to keep the html clean every time that he does. You never know.

Just Musing…

Wouldn’t is absolutely stink&#8212hypothetically speaking, naturally&#8212if you had a web site, which you updated somewhat regularly and which inspired a somewhat healthy stream of daily visitors, and that domain expired…like 11 days ago?

Furthermore, wouldn’t it stink if the domain renewal notices were sent to a less than reliable recipient, say a husband-type character, and he kept forgetting to renew the domain until his wife, the more regular of the site updaters, stumbles to her computer to find her web site gone and her e-mail flooded with friendly notes concerning the welfare of said site? (Thank you for letting me know the situation to those of you who e-mailed, by the way! I appreciate it!)

Now, hypothetically still, I wonder how such a forgetful husband-type would be most properly dealt with?