Missing Him Already

Miles’ dad left for home today. *pout* Visits are always too short I guess.

Now, perhaps, my waistline will recede again without his constant “coaxing”&#8212“You’re GOING to eat that Apple Cobbler À La Mode, or You’re GOING to walk home!” Erm…Yes, I believe that’s how it played out. Exactly like that. Big Bully! *clears throat*

Aside from his desserting aggression, we had a wonderful time! Indeed, I think he and I have learned a lot about each other this visit…most notably on the subject of blue cheese.

[I love the stuff, I think it hung the moon&#8212he thinks it’s just hung out in the sun too long.]

No doubt many of you are flabbergasted that such a detail should remain concealed for so long&#8212I take all the blame! (EEK!&#8212I wonder if I have a fever!?) Not being the most accomplished of conversationalists, I simply did not think to ask.

Fear Not! Though there is opposition on the cheese front, you will all be relieved to learn that our un-love for olives is quite mutual.

Yay! I get to stay in the family!

Pearly Whites

My romantic-fool of a husband bought me a new toothbrush yesterday!
And not just ANY toothbrush: A CREST SPINBRUSH [Pro-Whitening]!

I am certain that it was his own adorable way of saying, I’m sorry that I got you so sick and Your breath stinks. What a charmer! Careful girls, he’s taken! *swoon*

Actually, it was love at first sight: this toothbrush gleams with happy promise! I find myself consuming untold amounts of chocolate just so I have to brush my teeth!

(No, really, that’s the ONLY reason I partake of the chocolate.)

I think it’s love.

My mom and Aunt Brenda have these gorgeous  WHITE  smiles…we’re talking ethereal, stunning, “wow those are pretty teeth” white. Me? I enjoy the coffee a little too much…*darting gaze*

With a little therapy, my teeth might just survive the habit yet.

Yucky Week

Our joyful saga begins just 9 days ago, with Miles complaining of an upset stomach. Headache too. “Great,” I thought.

This is not to say that I was not concerned for the lad. I was, and fussed over him too&#8212but more than anything I know that Miles possesses a germ factory for a body. He contracts these illnesses in cute, mild forms&#8212but then distributes a highly mutated and ugly form. Charming, no? That’s m’boy!

Bacteria-Boy strikes again!

Miles spent Thursday afternoon playing golf, tonight he’s bowling, and Saturday he’s supposed to play sax all afternoon; he is seriously shirking his nursing duties.

Treating the Irritation

We had a minor, itty bitty, insignificant, tiny, very little, minute (we’re talking SMALL) taste of Ivan last night when the winds and rain decided to mercilessly kill our power.

At the time it happened, just after 7:00, we were in the bedroom&#8212Miles was napping and I was reading. The moment it transpired, he jackknifed into a sitting position and manically started complaining that it was too hot, too still, blah blah blah. After that round of blubbering, he began to whine that there was nothing to do and that he was bored: this, from the boy napping during the prime have-fun hours of a Friday night. Meanwhile, I marked my place in the book, and settled down for a little rest and reflection.

I guess, unlike Miles, my nervous system isn’t hot wired to electricity. I actually enjoy [SHORT] blackouts. I like the quiet, I like knowing that there isn’t a bit of work I could be doing at that very moment *wink*.

Anyway, I dozed off and on for about an hour, Miles moaning his dissatisfaction with the situation intermittently. I awoke to the phone ringing and the electric company telling us that the estimated time for restoration was 11:00. Unwilling to deal with a pestering Miles for several more hours, I agreed to accompany him to the Cinema Grill to see I, Robot….AGAIN. It IS a good movie, but twice in 5 days is a little much.

We returned to a house-enlightened. *hehe*
(Yay! The marriage is saved!)