Clouds Must Absorb Energy.

Well, the day has inspired naught but a slothful afternoon! The murky light replaced the morning sun and a weighty slumber descended upon all the city…

Hours later, we emerged from our dreams in what would prove to be a largely unproductive day. The soft whir of the freshly laundered sheets in the dryer to set the ambiance, we swayed trace-like to the office where we’ve yet to depart. [Curiously, the room capturing the brunt of my dislike oft becomes the greatest rouser of my apathy.] This is indeed a vile, loathsome room.

The thunder is singing its rumbling anthem now, and I’m desperately trying to discover a piece of productivity that seems mildly alluring…but it isn’t looking good.

Feel the Power!

We have power! We have power!&#8212for the first time in almost 26 hours!
Thanks for all of the excitement, Hurricane (tropical storm?) Charley!

So, to recap yesterday after sunset, let’s look at a visual representation:

An Electrifying Experience

In other news, Miles has decided upon the number one reason to be glad that he moved his car to the private parking area in back rather than his normal parking spot.

Short and Tired

I awoke (if you can call my day’s state of attentiveness “awake”) this morning to gloom&#8212I think it’s safe to say that my brain runs solely on solar energy…and boy do I need a charge!

Pure laziness prevented me from working out this morning, but I set fire to a few calories in the early afternoon to make up for it…and yet, the lassitude endured. My energy gauge was a sorry sight…nearing the position where they appoint an aide to assist you in blinking&#8212darn my dark blonde mane! Everybody who’s anybody knows that a copper top lasts longer!

Tonight I treated myself to a new pair of pants from Old Navy…I actually found my size in petite/short (always an advantage for us five-footers) but discovered that they were still too long, heh. Luckily, my charmed existence in this life has led me to acquire useful skills such as sewing. If I had the room for it, I’d still be the master quilter that I was in my youth…OH!&#8212who am I kidding? Those wild days are but precious memories. Youth is wasted on the young.

I hemmed the pants tonight while we watched a movie…I had to take them up three-and-a-half inches! Either I’m getting shorter (Oh, Lord, not that! ANYTHING but that!) or amazons have overthrown the petite clothing industry. I vote for the second.