It’s clean! It’s clean!&#8212The house is CLEAN!


Miles is finally Saturday-Trained! He came downstairs as I was cleaning the kitchen floor and inquired as to whether or not there was a bathroom available for use. I told him that I hadn’t cleaned the upstairs bathroom yet, and he replied anxiously, “Are you sure?&#8213because I can hold it if I need to!&#8212Or I could go and find a public restroom! I know not to cross you!”

I think I like being a little feared.

It shouldn’t be this difficult.

So Miles takes Jason and me out to lunch at a place called Desperado’s. I was ravenous for a salad, as I often am. The thing is, I dislike salad dressing. Liiiikeimmensely.

This really surprises people…! I have no idea why, either! To me, the dressing covers up much of the vegetable taste in salads…but maybe that’s the point. It must just be nonsensical to suppose that a person could be eating a salad because they like vegetables. Crazy.

Anyway, I wanted a Chicken Caesar Salad without the Caesar Dressing. I don’t think this is so odd. My friend Anna used to order Chicken Caesar Salads without the Chicken and nobody thought anything of it! I placed my order and the waiter stared at me for several seconds before saying,

No Dressing? So…………..no Caesar Dressing?

That’s correct.

No Caesar Dressing on your Chicken Caesar Salad…?

Right. (need me to draw you a picture?)

So…you want like…a House Salad?



I want everything that is on the Chicken Caesar Salad, except the dressing.

*blank stare*

So…that’s a Chicken Caesar Salad, No Dressing?



You know, every now and then I find myself lying awake in bed at night, wondering why my sanity feels strained.

Unseasoned Personalities

This evening, Miles and I walked around the mall for about 90 minutes. Malls have nice gentle floors for your joints, so they’re a good place to walk. (And I suppose the air conditioning might be considered a perk this time of year) Even though there were some obstacles (I think they call them shoppers) we both managed to work up a light sweat…so it was a good evening exercise.

I always enjoy walking with Miles, but it’s a rare thing now. Not like the good old days, the days just after I moved down here. When I ask why he doesn’t exercise with me any longer, he grins, shrugs, and then replies,

“We’re married. I don’t have to impress you any longer.”


Although I suppose it’s fair enough…I gave him a full serving of my attitude as a wedding gift. (I’m generous to a fault) Now he has 24 hour access to Laura-the-good (could there be any other?), Laura-the-bad (in an angelic sort of way), and Laura-the-ugly (in a pretty sort of way).

Nevertheless, I can still be melancholy over the loss of my lovesick fool. Now I’m just left with Miles. I suppose he’ll do. 😉

Calorie Expenditure

I was up way too late last night! I still managed to stumble out of bed at 6 for exercise, though. I know I did a short abdominal workout and an arm workout, but the precise recollections are all a little fuzzy. I do know that my biceps had reached such a point of fatigue that I was forced to grunt (…moan, and whimper) while trying to get the running bath water routed to the showerhead afterwards. They’re fine now, naturally.

I have the evening to myself tonight. Miles gets to make good use of all of his hot air on Monday nights: he’s playing sax in some sort of band…all I know is that it involves a bowling alley and a church…a likely pairing if ever there was one. I’m trying to decide what I want to do. Last night I had grandiose ideas of going for an evening run tonight…but idleness has been in play since noon, and it shows no sign of needing a break. No, I’d say a bubble bath and a book fit my evening bill. Just think of the calorie-burnage.