The Shrimp III

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh&#8212it’s showing gratitude. I get it&#8212The State of Being Grateful (as per Webster). I thought gratitude was dealt with largely on a beef scale, so forgive my roast. (haha, get it? BEEF!&#8212ROAST!?)

[Don’t you just hate it when you’re the only one who laughs at your own jokes?]

The Shrimp

Hmm…me thinks Miles has begun to barter with the clients. [*grunt, grunt* You get food. I get computer. *grunt, grunt*] He came home sporting a Santa-like grip on a bag of shrimp. Ho, Ho, Ho, Meeeeeerrrry Shellfish!

Silly Webmaster! *shaking head*

He’s highly amused with the you are what you eat bit with relation to me and shrimp…but it could be worse, I suppose&#8212what if he had returned home with crab!? 😉

Piece of Cake

Last Tuesday, we got a cake for the boy’s birthday. The cake was way too large for just two people, so by Wednesday I was asking Miles to give away pieces of the delectable stuff. He dismissed the idea and assured me that we would get through it all (hah, no kidding!?). It is now 5 days later and a single slice remains…I hear the sad chords of “one is the loneliest number” whenever I open the refrigerator door…OH THE TEMPTATION TO END ITS MISERY!

I’ve probably lost the label by now…but I could have sworn that the cake batter was described as marble…it seems pretty blue to me, though.

But, oh the poor lonesome slice of cake. How wretched! Miles and I were discussing the woebegone thing…how it would most likely drown in its sorrow. This would be unfortunate for it would most probably come to resemble a sponge cake and then have to deal with an identity crisis atop its feelings of rejection. There are few who appreciate the complexity of a cake such as we.


Miles has taken care of the cake. It won’t be sad any longer. I think the cake had a good life….and it always made us happy. It will be missed, but we’re parting ways on happy memories.

The Cake
June 22, 2004 – June 27, 2004
Beloved Love-Handle-Nurturer and Celebratory Food